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SANDESH incense sticks are loved worldwide, for its exclusive fragrances, an unmatched range to suit every mood, and highest quality manufacturing. A feast of exotic aromas for those who need something special to pamper their senses.

Each stick is lovingly packed in beautiful packages and makes a very thoughtful gift. As for practitioners of aroma therapy, SANDESH is the destination for all your needs. Explore our product series and create a heavenly atmosphere around yourself.

How We Started

Sandesh Agarbathi Co. was started off as a small cottage industry in 1970, in the city of Bangalore.

Mr D.N.P. GUPTHA who is our founder is a man with a strong creative bend. He experimented endlessly and dabbled in creating newer fragrances and pursued refining the aroma until the right strength is achieved.

He engaged a small group of neighbours to hand roll the incense sticks for him, after training them in the trade. He laid high emphasis on quality of the product and promoted strict adherence to quality.

Our fragrance formulations are the regarded as some of the best in the industry.

Sandesh invests heavily on its people and R&D and that has been one of the factors why its range of products are matchless. It has a team of highly experienced Perfumers, and a labour force that is highly skilled in hand rolling quality incense. Our production capacity also has been a reason as to why our customers would not look elsewhere. For decades, we have seen our stock movement and can anticipate demands. Therefore, we have built redundancy of work force to meet extra demand when required.

Shoban Babu Managing Director & C.E.O.

"It is a work of joy that I have at hand, one which I do with full conviction and love. One that makes me proud. Spreading heavenly experiences and good taste gives me immense satisfaction, which has been the key driver for SANDESH Success"

Sandesh Agarbathi Co. is currently headed byMr. Shoban Babu.He holds the post of Managing director and C.E.O. He is actively involved in market research and strategy for SANDESH. His aptitude to understand the consumer well is what has driven SANDESH to its current stature in the market.

He has been the driving force even in the R&D lab, where his visionary and far thinking ability (considered risky when proposed) have taken wings and are established fragrances today.

He is a graduate from Bangalore University, and a Diploma holder of Computer Application and software development.


One of SANDESH AGARBATHI, important asset is its infrastructure. It has contributed to the growth of SANDESH substantially

SANDESH has concentrated on upgrading it with latest technologies and processes, to keep abreast of the trends and requirements.

Our People:

SANDESH primary infrastructure is its people

The skill that they possess is one aspect that SANDESH has identified, nurtured at times and encouraged throughout. Good working environment, a good renumeration package and their passion for quality has enabled SANDESH to perform exceptionally well year on year.

The Lab:

We have a modern aromatics lab, with all latest development and testing apparatus. A maze of aromatic chemicals, herbal extracts, resinoids and flower extracts.

Design Centre:

Our design centre is a well-equipped unit where we create our package designs. Senior designers who have vast experience in the field have been creating good quality designs true to the product quality.


"Our mission is to create fragrant environments of many varieties to suit as many tastes as possible, and deliver highest quality of products making us synonymous to quality"

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